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If you can hold someone's hand, hug them or even touch them on the shoulder, you are blessed because you can offer God's healing touch.
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'lil sis' singing WELCOME HOME to Sgt Rock, at Cripple Creek SALUTE TO AMERICAN VETERANS RALLY Aug. 2017 with the KS American Legion Riders/Original Patriot Guard who annually stand with flags in the background around that Veterans Park for the Rally.

Monica Harvey is a compelling singer using her talent to “Welcome Home” those Veterans lost and in need of a healed heart. Click to listen to Bandaid for your Heart by Brent Jackson.

In 2001, Monica began traveling with Veteran Commanders through Nebraska to Veterans Homes, Hospitals, Psychiatric Wards and Correctional Centers. Click here to check her schedule. Since 2004, she volunteers at Biker rallies, rides, Shows, Vietnam Vet reunions, National Memorials, Retreats, Tributes and traveling wall venues across the United States.

Aug. 25, 2001, during a Veterans parade, Monica was riding with the VFW State Commander in an antique wagon behind Percheron mares, something spooked the mares and in the resulting runaway they crashed into the back of a pickup. The driver broke his ribs, the State Commander severely broke his leg, another rider had to have shoulder surgery and suffered a bruised kidney. Monica flew 19 ft. through a “brown cloud” landing first on her right fist and jamming her right elbow and bruising her right leg. This extraordinary experience caught the attention of the Veteran Commanders and as a result they have adopted Monica as their “little sister”.

We honor Gold Star Mothers, their families, Bikers with a Mission, and their contribution to the United States. Click here to add your memorial to this site.

Dear God,
As I approach the Wall, in the presence of the moment, I heard, walk with me.
I glanced around and only saw a lady in Black across the open parade area between the registration tables and the Wall.
She approaches in silence but is surrounded with peace and understanding.
When she arrives she offers up her hand to me asks if I'm a Vietnam Veteran?
Of course my colors are showing on my hat and shirt.
I immediately answer yes and she hands me a pin, which is in the shape of a heart, with a bandaid in the middle... more>

book signing by Bob Bovitch
Bob Bovitch, VVA 902
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